New Summer Camp Themed Blog


Long time no post, I know.

To be honest, I’ve always struggled to find my way blogging. Most days I just don’t know what to blog about. Writing? Kids? Camp? All of the above? That’s mainly left me unfocused and uninspired. I’m an author and this is my author blog, but I don’t want to write about writing. I want to WRITE!

95% of my blog posts felt like chores, time sucks that took away from the books I wanted to write.

Then . . .

A couple months ago, I finally discovered the secret to blogging. Write about a topic you absolutely love. Write your passion, and that’s where you’ll gain followers.

I wasn’t writing my passion here. I had no focus. I was just writing about random glimpses of life. The posts I enjoyed most were usually the posts about summer camp. Those were also the posts that had the most engagement: shares, comments, likes, etc.

I’ve also struggled to grow an audience for my Abby’s Camp Days series. I want to connect with others, share camp, and make Camp Spirit (the fictional camp of my series) available for any campie anywhere.

And all of a sudden, in a moment of clarity, it hit me: I needed a camp-themed blog.

I can share my camp stories, tips, recipes, photography ideas, experiences, ideas, movie/book reviews there. I can meet other camp people. I can befriend allies who share my passion and love for summer camp, and we can help each other bring camp and camp ideals to more people.


I just wanted to let my faithful readers here know about my new summer camp blog, I’d Rather Be At Summer Camp. While I’m sure I’ll occasionally post in my writing blog, the majority of my focus will be on keeping the new one fun and up-to-date. I hope you’ll join me there!

There are several posts there already on all kinds of camp-related topics for everyone–campers, counselors, camp staff, deans, parents, former campies, and, of course, Camp Addicts.  I will be expanding to audio, video, contests, interviews, a store, and more soon. Tell all your summer camp friends. 🙂

So, please, if you’ve enjoyed my summer camp themed posts on this blog, hop on over to

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I’d love it if you surfed around, checked it out, and left me comments or “shared” posts you enjoy on social media.

Comments are especially important to me, as when I transferred my camp-themed posts there, I lost all the comments and fun conversations I had from readers about the posts. So feel free to share your own favorite camp stories in the comments if a post reminds you of something from your own camp days. I make an effort to reply to everyone.

And last but not least, let me know what type of camp content YOU want. I’m open to post ideas and guest posts.


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