Wise Ink is pure gold

The amount of writing advice plastered all over the internet can be overwhelming. There are how-to books by experts, downloadable PDFs about formatting, and websites dedicated to perfecting craft. In my experience, most writers don’t have the time to check out every post or recommendation. Therefore, I rarely repost writing advice or suggest resources to anybody. There’s just so much out there. I don’t want to add to the madness.

But every now and then, a writer stumbles upon a resource that is pure gold. This past month, I did just that with Wise Ink Creative Publishing. I’m so excited about this resource that I have to share!

I didn’t think much of social media as an author before last month. After all, I’d followed the social media rule that all the experts drill into your head over and over–I had a blog, web site, Facebook, and Twitter dedicated to my books. I even posted on them and everything. But not much had come of these efforts. I’d made a couple of connections but very few sales resulted and gaining “likes” and followers seemed random and slow-going.

I figured social media was a waste of time. It sure hadn’t worked for me. Maybe if I were a famous author, I’d have an easy time getting people to notice me on Facebook and Twitter. Maybe more than a handful of fellow writer friends would read and comment on my blog. But if I were famous already, I wouldn’t be struggling so much to build up my fan base.

Then I met Amy and Dara, the ladies behind Wise Ink, at a writers conference in May. By the time they finished with their two short presentations on blogging and social media, I knew I’d found a source I needed to check out further. They had brought along copies of their book, “Social Media Secrets for Authors,” so I purchased one. It was inexpensive, and I figured I might as well see what they had to say.

Life got in the way and I just the other day found the time to read the book cover to cover. Wow. That’s all I can say. I’d read several books on social media before, but this was the first one that offered suggestions as to what a writer might be doing wrong with his or her social media accounts. No wonder my efforts weren’t being rewarded; I was doing many of the things they said would hurt an author’s cause rather than help it. The light bulb went off, and suddenly social media made sense.

Taking in all the golden information they provided in this book has made me rethink the way I look at and understand social media. Now I’m making efforts to change the way I use it as well. 

I also checked out their website, http://www.wiseinkpub.com and got lost for nearly an hour devouring all the articles I found on writing, publishing, and marketing. Every time I’d think, just one more article, then I have to get off the computer, I’d find something else that looked interesting.

If you’re a writer looking for inspiration, advice, and fun, I highly recommend Wise Ink and “Social Media Secrets for Authors.” I can’t wait to see what other light bulbs will go off in my writer’s brain based on things I read on their site.


One thought on “Wise Ink is pure gold

  1. Great post, Jenifer. I also found the Wise Ink ladies, Amy and Dara, and their book to be very helpful. It made me realize my blog did not clearly promote my books so I made some changes. I’m looking forward now to explore Twitter with their advice.


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