Waiting for that big catch . . .

The past few months I’ve been focusing on a new project that deviates greatly from my last decade’s work on the Abby’s Camp Days series. It’s fairly taken over my life and consumed my thoughts (and grown so large that my “one quick fantasy book just for a little break from summer camp books” is morphing into a probably trilogy) but today I took some time out to work on editing the sixth volume of Abby’s Camp Days, which I hope (fingers crossed!) to have out near the beginning of April.

There are a lot of great parts that I think Camp Spirit fans will love—Abby’s insights, the counselors’ interactions, a powerful Bible study by Dean Rick, camp wedding talk, and, of course, Carin’s boy-crazy comic relief.

But I think I’ve stumbled upon my favorite line of the book, and possibly my favorite line of the series. I think I love it because it speaks not only to junior high campers but to me as well. Throughout the book, the campers are praying for something that doesn’t look like it will go their way. Then, just as they accept that God’s closed that particular door, they receive news that makes them look at things in a whole new way.

That’s when Abby comments:

Sometimes, God doesn’t say, “No,” when you think He does. He says, “Just wait for My timing and trust Me.”

Being an independent author can be frustrating. It’s hard to find readers, hard to get into bookstores, hard to make your books catch on when you’re going it alone. The years of pouring your heart and soul into writing only to achieve a fraction of the success you’ve dreamed about take their toll.

I’ve been seeing God’s timing in my writing and in my life, and the way my new project is going, I’ve had revived love for this art called writing and renewed hope that some of my writing dreams that I’d given up on can be achieved someday.

I’m reminded of the story of Jesus and the fishermen. They’d been out all night, casting their nets over the side of their boat, and they’d gotten squat. But Jesus told them to cast out their nets one more time. It had been a completely unsuccessful night of fishing, and I’m sure they were tired and just wanted to give up and go home. They even told him, “Hey, Jesus, we’ve been trying all night. It’s just not happening” (my modernized paraphrase, of course). But they trusted their Lord and kept at it, just because Jesus had asked them to do so.

And what do you know . . . they ended up catching so many fish that their nets broke.

When God’s called us to use our talents to do things for Him, we can’t give up, no matter how discouraged we become. If we’re faithful to Him in our endeavors, He’ll reward us with new life and new vigor for those things we love, which I’ve been experiencing daily with my new writing challenge.

We might not know where He’s leading us, but we must keep persevering, despite what kind of disappointing “catch” our previous efforts have provided because you never know when He’s going to give you so much success that your nets will start breaking. He hadn’t said no to those fishermen, even though it might have felt like it to them. He’d said, “Just wait for My timing and trust Me.”

It’s good advice, even if it does come from a fictional fourteen-year-old camper, and sometimes it’s all we can do.


Jenifer Brady (http://www.jeniferbrady.com) is the author of the Abby’s Camp Days series (amzn.to/11CR0Pu) and Buddy Check (amzn.to/1le3Teq), all set at the fictional church camp, Camp Spirt.


One thought on “Waiting for that big catch . . .

  1. Very nice, Jenifer! I think I needed to hear that tonight, Jenifer. Actually, I heard something very similar about 2 hours ago. I think it might be something I really was supposed to hear tonight. THANK YOU – and keep writing! Louise


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