Fall Retreat

Well, this weekend was Fall Retreat, so I guess that means I can’t deny anymore that camp is officially over for the season. The weekend was fantastic! We had some beautiful weather (70 degrees in the afternoon) and great fellowship. Of course, there were also those fun games of durzak, too, mixed in between the worship services.

My friend Alex put together our program for us, and the kids had a lot of fun. We watched Nooma videos, and later I was checking my facebook and found that some of the campers and counselors from retreat had become “fans of Nooma.” That made me way excited, as I think it means they got a lot out of the retreat.

It always amazes me how I can go to camp year after year and it never gets old. You’d think I’d done and seen it all by now, but things surprise me every year. This year my good friend Dawn joined us. I hadn’t seen her for years, since our wedding! It was so much fun having her back at camp after a huge absence. We did a lot of “remember when…” I also got to meet the significant others of two camp friends who I’ve known for forever. It’s so weird when your campers grow up and do things like graduate from high school, go to college, and get married. You just want the best for them, and when their lives are falling into place it makes you happy 🙂 (Not to sound corny or anything…hee hee.)

Blessings abounded the whole weekend, and I’m sad to admit that camp is over. So I guess it’s on to camp withdrawal for a while and then I can start looking forward to next year. One of my favorite things about writing about camp is that I can dive into a fun passage or chapter and get my camp fix even when it’s not summer. I get to think about and create camp every day and call it my job. How cool!

So until the dock goes back in the lake and kids start registering for camp, I’ll fight camp withdrawal by working on my Abby’s Camp Days series. I’m hoping to have Volume Two out in May and make progress on the writing of the rest of the books.


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